BERG Engineering has unveiled its new state-of-the-art Titan SC 40/50-4HY Double Column Vertical Boring & Turning Mill on what’s thought to be Queensland’s largest machine of its kind.

The equipment, produced in Europe to service the nuclear and defence industries, will position BERG to serve the emerging needs of defence contractors, traditional power providers and hydro-electric power stations in the 5m+ diameter machining space.

BERG Engineering said the investment will double its capacity to support Australian and global operators and large service companies.

It added that it signalled “long-term confidence” in the industry.

BERG Engineering currently employs 150 staff and needs to add more technicians and apprentices to its team this year.

BERG Engineering CEO Derek Berg said: “The introduction of the new Titan to our operations reflects our optimism about the strength and resilience of the market over the coming years.”

“It significantly broadens our service offering, complimenting our specialised welding sciences division and the on-site machining and shutdown division.”

“With the increased torque, maximum load of and maximum outer diameter of 5.3m (OD) available, we are now able to manage operations that were previously beyond our capabilities.”

“From a business perspective, it positions us to capitalise on new opportunities with existing and prospective customers.”

BERG Engineering, which was founded in 1972, is a family-owned Australian engineering business. Headquartered in Brisbane and with bases in the Asia Pacific, BERG Engineering provides solutions to clients with intelligent asset lifecycle management solutions that reduce operating costs, maximise performance and extend asset life.

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