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Berg Engineering provide our clients with a one-stop shop for all their fabrication, machining, reverse engineering and welding needs. Our mission is to provide our clients with certainty in optimising the life of their assets and the best ROI on repairs of rotables. In line with our mission, all components meet or exceed existing design standards. These are proven through our own NATA endorsed Lab for testing and our metallurgical analysts.

Berg can re-engineer and produce components for equipment that is obsolete or where the original equipment manufacturer is unable to assist or cannot meet the operating demands of your business. By reviewing operating data, performing non-destructive examinations and conducting performance tests, we can identify the root causes and recommend and implement corrective actions. To avoid break downs or maintenance issues, Berg can also provide various troubleshooting solutions including risk-based inspections to help minimise machine down time, thus saving valuable resources.

Berg have been ISO 9001 endorsed since July 2000. We offer a range of quality assurance services including a series of high-quality non-destructive testing methods to measure material composition such as LPI, MPI and UT. We also have the capability to provide mechanical and chemical analysis by using methods such as XRF technology. This allows for higher quality control checks of all incoming raw materials ensuring compliance with national and international standards and client specification. Furthermore, Berg has a NATA endorsed laboratory in the Gladstone facility that offers further quality assurance for your asset.


Asset Management

More specifically, across our Brisbane, Gladstone and New Calendonia workshops, Berg are equipped with the following fabrication machines which enable us to complete fabrication and installation of complex items and functional structures: