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Power – Renewables

What We Do

Berg are committed to supporting cleaner energy solutions for Australia and overseas. As part of this commitment we are proud to have partnered with a number of leading green energy providers to help reduce costs and increase the service life of their key assets. Our proven expertise extends to following areas:

Hydro Power Stations

Wind Farms

Berg Engineering - Hydro 1
Berg Engineering - Hydro 2

Hydro Power Stations

Berg has extensive experience working on large scale hydro power stations. Whether it be manufacture or refurbishment of pumps and components, turbine units, inlet valves, guard gate doors and tracks, high end machining of large-scale equipment or on-site servicing and machining; Berg have the capability to service these assets and provide significant time and cost benefits to our clients.

Wind Farms

Berg has the in-house capability and experience to provide a number of services to key Wind Farm assets. This includes manufacture and refurbishment of turbines and bearings including laser surveying and flange and flume works for towers. To provide further cost and time benefits to our clients, a number of these machining services can be performed onsite.

Berg Engineering - Wind Farm 1
Berg Engineering - Wind Farm 2