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Water Utilities

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Water Utilities

What We Do

Berg are proud supporters of the Water Utilities and Infrastructure industry having been providing pump, pipeline, valve and other components repair, maintenance, replacement and refurbishment services for over 51 years.

Pump Repairs & Refurbishment

Machining & Welding Repairs

Replacement Parts & Components

Pump Repairs & Refurbishment

Berg have the capability to undertake full pump removal, installation and re-manufacture of pump components. Whether the project is large or small, we offer a range of services and solutions, with all works being to the relevant ISO/ANSI/API standards.


Our specific pump service capabilities include:

  • Component pump and motor overhauls
  • Components repairs and modifications
  • Pump and motor pedestal modifications
  • Baseplate frame modifications
  • Lubrication systems
  • Commissioning and decommissioning

Water Utilities

Types of Pumps & Equipment We Service



Turbine (vertical & Horizontal

Submersible & Borehole

Helical Rotor

Piston (Positive Displacement)

Split Case


Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

Machining & Welding Repairs

Berg provides machining, mechanical fitting and welding repair services to relevant water infrastructure equipment and fixed plant. This includes welding and fabrication repair under Level 10 welding supervision and procedures in line with various global standards including ASME, AS, ISO and ASTM.

Berg Engineering - Replace Parts 1
Berg Engineering - Replace Parts

Replacement Parts & Components

Berg can manufacture a large range of axial flow, turbine and centrifugal pump bowls and impellers of various material grades to improve toughness, erosion resistance and corrosion resistance in client-specific applications. We utilise the latest 3D scanning technology with advanced modelling software and metrology to re-create pump components, such as vertical turbine pump bowls/diffusers, impeller and suction bowls.

Berg also provide a series of high-quality non-destructive testing methods to identify flaws in equipment such as LPI, MPI and UT and have the capability to provide mechanical and chemical analysis. This allows for higher quality control checks of all incoming raw materials ensuring compliance with national and international standards and client specifications.