Unique skills applicable to the Defence Sector


Having been in operation for over four decades, Berg have developed a number of unique skills sets and capabilities that we feel are very applicable to the Defence sector. Of particular relevance to the Defence Sector and its providers, Berg have undertaken works for a number of key customers in this sector and it is this experience, combined with our extensive inhouse capabilities, that we feel enables Berg to undertake works across the three key Defence areas; Naval Defence, Land Forces and Airforce.
Our proven expertise extends to following services:

Large Scale Precision Machining

When it comes to providing clients with high-risk, critical parts, precision is paramount. Our reputation in the manufacture, repair, maintenance and management of reliable rotable assets is second-to-none. More specifically, Berg has the inhouse capability to undertake large scale precision machining up to 3m in diameter, 6m in length and 20t in weight.

Titanium Welding & Machining

Titanium and zinc alloy welding is a very specialised skill set given the expense of exotic materials and the need for precision accuracy in their use. Berg have proven experience in exotic material welding and machining having completed projects using these materials to current Defence and General Standards.

Plasma Transferred Arc Hardfacing

Setting Berg apart from our competitors is our capability to undertake Plasma Transferred Arc welding to achieve diverse properties such as mechanical strength, wear and corrosion resistance and creep on relatively low-cost surfaces. Use of this technology has enabled our clients to achieve a number of significant cost and longevity benefits.