Ash Crushers


Coal fired power plant equipment operates in very harsh environments. Machinery and components used in coal production such as ash crushers are exposed to extreme erosion. Berg is a trusted supplier to power stations around Queensland providing refurbished components and precision machining services of ash crushers to strict quality standards and deadlines.

Employing the 3D scanner technology, Berg offer alternative solutions designed to suit our customer’s lead-time and wear requirements. We have the in-house capability to manufacture spares for ash crusher housings, cases, shafts, roll halves bearings and support halves. This allows the option of providing a complete rebuild service or manufacture of individual components; enabling our clients to have the added benefit of product improvements and increased reliability.

Having undertaken Ash Crusher manufacture and refurbishment works for a number of years, Berg are able to demonstrate significant cost savings for our clients; our ash crusher housings alone have demonstrated 49% savings on OEM cost with significantly shorter delivery schedules.