Wear Solutions


Berg Extended Life Wear Plate is produced using a Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) process which combines a scientific metallurgist’s formula with historical wear resistance indicators. Insuring the maximum Wear Plate life is achieved for all applications. The PTA method has resulted in Berg becoming a leader in the wear plate extended life technology.

Berg Extended Life Wear Plate Advantages:

  • The Berg Extended Life Wear Plate, PTA method can be achieved by placing layers less than 2 mm thick. This reduces the overall component weight and the likely hood of manual handling incidents.
  • Extend wear plate life up to 10 times over conventional product life.
  • Berg Wear Plate is light weight. The PTA hardfacing layer can be as thin as 2mm and the base material can be as thin as 4mm. This results in a lightweight product allowing for easier handling and reduced OHS issues.
  • Reduces cost per hour on wear plate component’s and maintenance labour costs.
  • Non standard shapes and sizes can be readily manufactured through computer modelling, CNC laser cutting and robotic PTA applications.
  • Berg Extended Life Wear plate is suitable for high impact and high abrasion environments.
  • Berg PTA Hard facing Technology consists of 60% Tungsten Carbides in a Nickel Silicon Boron matrix providing full metallurgical fusion to the base material.