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Berg Engineering

Berg are a proud family owned Australian engineering business that has built a reputation for excellence on the back of two generations – and more than four decades – of Berg family passion.

Founded in 1972, Berg has grown from humble beginnings as a single room operation to the multi-million-dollar business it is today.

Headquartered in Brisbane and with bases in the Asia Pacific we strive to provide our clients with intelligent asset lifecycle management solutions that reduce operating costs, maximise performance and extend asset life; all the while ensuring we meet our sustainability standards.

We achieve our best results when working in partnership with our clients to explore and fully understand the challenges at hand, before designing and implementing a tailored solution. Having been a local Queensland business for more than four decades, we have evolved, matured and diversified in tandem with our clients.

Berg has amassed considerable expertise providing our clients with high-risk, critical parts. In particular, we have developed a strong reputation for maintaining and managing fleets of rotable assets such as pumps, valves and gearboxes.

We understand that globalisation, competition from emerging markets and price pressures are constantly driving asset owners and operators to achieve greater performance and reduce costs. That’s where Berg steps in to optimise assets – unlocking potential  and achieving exceptional cost savings while ensuring the highest safety standards.

Experience. It’s a Berg thing.

We exist to Maximise our client's return on investment...

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