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Agitator Blade and Stub Shaft

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Agitator Blade and Stub Shaft


Over 50 years Berg Engineering has been working with the Asset owners of Pyrometallurgical processing plants and HPAL plants to develop a range of equipment that exceeds the critical path requirements in severe service applications. Not only are these environments severe on the service ability of the plant assets but they are often remote and require large inventory costs if the plant is unreliable.

Our Range

The Berg range provides the certainty that remote operators need to ensure the ROI on their plant. In brief our range includes:

All products are supported with on site servicing, mobile testing and repair equipment, 24/7 response for breakdown responses is available.


Berg has carried out extensive research regarding material grades, coating options and techniques, and causes and management of cavitation. This has resulted in the following product improvements:

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Your Benefit

Results from initial applications indicate that Berg Engineering’s unique design solution could provide cost savings of up to 40% in direct cost, but most significantly to the cost of life savings of the components due to their increased longevity in the field.


Delivery offered for a complete set is 14-16 weeks ex-works Brisbane, Australia. This timeframe may be further shortened depending on workshop loading at the time of order. Goods can be packed for travel either by sea or air.