Agitator Blade & Stub Shaft


Berg Engineering is the original equipment supplier of uniquely designed long lasting Agitator Blade and Stub Shaft repair components.

Berg has carried out extensive research regarding material grades, coating options and techniques, and causes and management of cavitation. This has resulted in the following product improvements:

  • Upgrade material to Titanium Gr5 discs and blades which has approximately 3x the cavitation resistance of Gr2.
  • Coating of the outer edge and partial top and bottom of the disc where cavitation is causing damage.
  • Berg has incorporated a minimum 3mm radius on all edges exposed to the media to improve the application of the coating and minimise localised erosion of the sharp edges.

Results from initial applications indicate that Berg Engineering’s unique design solution could provide cost savings of up to 40% in direct cost, but most significantly to the cost of life savings of the components due to their increased longevity in the field.

Delivery offered for a complete set is 14-16 weeks ex-works Brisbane, Australia. This timeframe may be further shortened depending on workshop loading at the time of order. Goods can be packed for travel either by sea or air.