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Berg has an extensive history in valve refurbishment and maintenance across mining & refining, oil & gas and power generation.

Pressure Safety Valves (PSV)

Berg has over 20 years PSV experience and is capable of servicing all makes and models of valves up to 6000psig (41,000 kPag) up to DN150 flanges and valves up DN600 150LB. We utilise up to date equipment including a Kemet 20 Lapping Machine to archive the correct flatness and exemplary quality.

Benefits of Berg PSV Servicing:

Soot Blower Valves

The Berg Soot Blower Valve is used to blow high pressure steam at 5000psi into boiler tubes with the aid of a special lance designed to go into the boiler tubes and blow out the soot that builds up inside the flame tubes of a boiler system.

The Stellite seat is the part of the valve that is under the most stress and often is the failing point that causes the power station to strip down and replace the valve. The Berg design incorporates a replaceable seat and is the first soot blower valve that we are aware of in the World with a replaceable seat.

The Stellite seat is of much better quality because it’s easier to get the right thickness and consistency of Stellite with a seat component rather than trying to reach deep into the valve throat with a PTA torch.

Secondly, the seat is easily replaceable with a special tool so when it does wear out there is no need to change out the whole valve; just unscrew the old one and reinsert a new seat with the special gasket and the valve is up and running again.