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Berg Engineering Leaps Forward with Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

Berg is expanding its manufacturing versatility and capacity with the recent purchase of two new machines: the ZEISS T-Scan Hawk 3D scanner and the LIBZ Material Analyzer Z-902C.

This investment underscores Berg’s commitment to innovation, quality, and market leadership in the manufacturing industry.

The integration of the ZEISS T-Scan Hawk 3D scanner and LIBZ Material Analyzer Z-902C will allow Berg to capture high-precision data of physical objects, leading to faster product development, improved repair processes, and enhanced product quality.

“This investment is another step forward for Berg Engineering,” said Derek Berg CEO of Berg Engineering.

“Not only does it enhance our manufacturing capabilities and product quality, but it also strengthens our competitive position in the market, both domestically and internationally. Together with our complete overhaul of the machine tool fleet across all sites and expansion into Indonesian power market, we are realising our vision to become the largest severe service asset manager in the Asia Pacific rim. Our cornerstone clients in Indonesia require these machines to conduct on-site scanning and analysis of parts requiring replacement. The result is the single largest contract awarded to an Australian company by the largest power generation company in South East Asia.”

“A remarkable vote of confidence and worthy of our award at the G20 summit in 2023. Berg efficiently designs, manufacture, and ship the necessary spare parts directly to the customer, eliminating the time and cost associated with shipping to and from Australia,” he said.

The Queensland Manufacturing Hubs Grant program has helped secure the two new machines that will position the business to capture more overseas customers and add new jobs over the next five years.

The program aims to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of Queensland’s manufacturing sector by providing funding and support for projects that drive innovation, productivity, and job creation within the industry.


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