The Problem 

The American Petroleum Institute (API) require BOPs to be recertified every five years, regardless of whether they have been in-service or not.  This is to ensure they maintain their integrity and most importantly, work as designed when the need arises.

A collaborative effort between Well Control Solutions and Berg Engineering, offer the only Australian OEM approved BOP recertification that includes a welding repair service.  Previously BOPS had to be sent overseas for weld repair.  This leads to a significantly longer turnaround time putting pressure on tight and demanding schedules that operators in the oil and gas sector face.     

The Solution 

WCS approached Berg Engineering for assistance.  This was an obvious match for Berg playing into the niche of high quality machining and welding engineering under one roof.  First step was to develop and qualify welding procedures that meet the stringent requirements of API.

This was a long and testing process, but persistence was key, never losing focus of the end goal.

Together WCS & BERG Engineering, a BOP can be recertified in Australia, stripped and assessed, weld repaired, PWHT, machined back to OEM specification, Non-destructively tested, protectively coated, assembled and pressure and functional testing.

WCS offer a service exchange program which means that clients are not affected by down time when their equipment requires recertification.

Both Australian owned and operated businesses.

Faster turnaround times, quality repairs, full transparency, no corners cut. A win for the Oil and Gas sector!

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