Wivenhoe Power Station is a 500 MW pumped storage hydroelectric plant and houses the largest hydro machines in Australasia. The 1.4 metre shafts have a gland seal arrangement around the shaft which have corrosion issues causing large leaks. In order for CS Energy to repair these leaks with minimal downtime, they tasked Berg to come up with an engineered refurbishment solution for the gland packing arrangement. Berg implemented the following solution carried out through 620 hours of work over 4 weeks:

  • Repair of segment mating faces by building up with stainless steel welding and re-machining to the original surface;
  • Plating of all seal faces with a 304-grade stainless plate full seal welded to the gland segments; Repair of shaft clearance bores with stainless steel welding and re-machining to original size to achieve correct clearance on shaft.
  • Protective treatment of segments by painting with Amerlock 400; a two pack, high solids, high performance coating;
  • Full assembly of pump and turbine gland segment arrangements on to the custom mandrels that replicate how they are fitted on site. This ensured that when the glands were delivered to site the fitting time was reduced.


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Four Weeks