Re-Engineer of Coal Mill Spider for CS Energy

Our team at Berg managed the process of the re-engineering of 2 x Coal Mill Spider’s for CS Energy.

CS Energy provides power to some of our state’s biggest industries and employers.

The project involved an initial process:

  • 3D scanning and establishing wear patterns to predict original measurements (these items had been worn after more than 30 years of service)
  • Developing 3D models and production drawings

With supply chain constraints continuing for all since Covid-19, this particular job highlights the importance of manufacturing within Australia and what we can achieve within our country alone.

Fast Forward

Berg Brisbane received notification we were successful in our bid to manufacture 2x Coal Mill Spiders.

This came after months of tendering, technical clarifications, and supplier and customer meetings. Not only was our bid successful, but we had also demonstrated areas of the tender that were not achievable for short-run castings and provided options for how to handle this.

The result was:

  • We secured the manufacture of both coal mill spiders
  • Additional scope to conduct an FEA analysis
  • Provided recommendations on scope changes post FEA.
    The Development of 3D models from production drawings

The Development of 3D models from production drawings.

In the background...

While Brisbane had been successful and won the tender, and whilst this project was within +-5% of Berg’s “true north” for the nature of work (large capacity machining), it was BIG, bigger than any of our current machines had the capacity to undertake.

The project begins!

Now we had to deliver, this involved all aspects of project management:

  • Managing sub-contractors
  • Monthly project meetings with the customer
  • Organising transport

As with any project, not everything goes to plan, the first casting did not contract at the rate that was expected which meant we would now be welding:

  • Develop weld procedure
  • Develop a methodology to weld these items
  • Obtain customer approval and sign-off.
  • Determine how we were going to support a 10-tonne item vertically at 300 degrees Celsius, utilising open flame to maintain pre-heat temperatures whilst simultaneously welding it.

Project Highlights - END TO END SOLUTIONS

  • 1 Request for quotation – WON!

  • Win the project via competitive tender process

  • 2 Coal Mill Spiders weighing in at just under 10tonne each

  • 300℃ pre-heat to apply welded metal

  • Approx. 400kg of material removed through machining

  • Over 450 individual items of correspondence and communication (submissions, emails, phone calls, text messages, and meetings)

  • It involved teams across all of our business units

  • The project commenced in Gladstone

  • Tender was won and run through Brisbane

  • Project managed through Brisbane

  • Cast and manufactured through Brisbane

  • Welded, finished machined, & assembled in Gladstone


CS Energy


Power/Coal Fire




Re engineer; Drawing development; Project Management; Procurement of Casting; Manufacture of Ancillary components; Interstate transport; Welding; NDT; Final Machining and Assembly; Compiling of MDR and Delivery

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