Training, Compliance & Assessment


With over 45 years’ experience, Berg have developed a number of unique skills sets and capabilities in the area of welding and machining. We understand how important precision, accuracy and versatility are and are now looking to take our knowledge, experience and understanding and share that with the next generation of Welders through the development of the Berg Welding Compliance, Training & Assessment Centre (WCTAC).


A training centre designed for those wanting to improve their current welding skills either within their existing employment or for future employment opportunities. In particular with our industry background, out training is well suited for those
wanting to work in remote mine site locations, on fixed plant and undertaking plant shutdown and maintenance services.

Training, Compliance & Assessment

  • Do you need Welding Procedures or Qualified Welders?
  • Are your clients asking about welding compliance?
  • Are you a Fabricator needing to qualify your welding work?
  • Are you a recruiter looking to assess a Welder’s suitability for placement?

If the answer is yes then Berg’s Welding Compliance, Training & Assessment Centre (WCTAC) might be right for you.

Berg WCTAC has been developed to:

  • Assist companies in implementing Weld Quality Management (WQM);
  • Qualify Welding Procedures for Upcoming Projects;
  • Qualify Welders for new or current employment.

Under the supervision of our own Internationally qualified Welding Specialist and Welding Inspector the Program offers:

  • Welder qualification to Welding Procedure Specification (WPS);
  • Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) development;
  • Weld skill assessment for recruitment purposes