Berg staff celebrate milestone

On October 25, long-serving Berg Engineering staff – with 40 years of service between them – celebrated their service milestones of 10 years with a special morning tea.

The team members, from our Gladstone site, were Ruth Sutherland, Julius Salcedo, Matthew Harms and Eric Fourie.

CEO of Berg Engineering, Mr Derek Berg praised the hard work and dedication of staff members, and their essential role at Berg.

“People are and always will be our greatest asset. It’s great we can show our long serving staff how much their long service means to us,” CEO OF Berg Engineering, Derek Berg said.

“Everyone wants to be acknowledged, it’s a proud moment for Berg that we have so many long-serving staff.”

Over the past two years, 24 Berg staff reached service milestones of ten years or more, with the largest milestone being an incredible 50 years!





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