Recently Berg Engineering successfully completed major pump overhaul works for SunWater. Initially, this saw the pump being removed from the SunWater site by Berg Engineering’s onsite fitting team. It was then transported to Bergs’ Brisbane Workshop where it was stripped and assessed. All repair recommendations were submitted to SunWater and approved.

The overhaul included the following: –

  1. Repairing of the columns locating spigot and recesses. Demonstrating Bergs’ precision machining capabilities; they had to be welded up and final machined to within 0.1mm and required a concentricity of 0.05mm. The spigot and recess diameters were approx. 1000mm and a jig plate was required to make the machining possible.
  2. Straightening of the shaft as it had a 0.9mm runout when it was removed from the pump. Subsequently it was straightened to 0.09mm.
  3. Replacement of the long and short couplings, coupling nuts and split rings. They were then reverse engineered and manufactured from 630 Stainless steel.
  4. Machining of new Bearing Bushes from Feroform T127.
  5. Stripping of the Prestator Housing and replacement of the seals and O-rings. The worn internals were then bogged with Belzona and sanded back to their original sizes and the housing reassembled.
  6. Machining of the Diffuser was required for both the top and the bottom bearing housings to allow for the new bearing bushes. The spigot was built up with Belzona to allow for its final machining.
  7. The impeller was balanced and coated with Belzona. All components were then painted and re-assembled and the pump was transported back to site for the Berg Onsite Team to install.

Project Highlight

Before Berg undertook the overhaul of the pump, SunWater raised a number of previous issues they had faced on previous pump overhauls. A few of the issues highlighted were severe vibrations, loud motor and Michell bearing and the pump was operating with a relatively high load. Berg adopted a collaborative approach to find solutions to these issues; with our engineering, fitting and workshop teams working together to identify ways to eradicate or minimise these problems with this pump overhaul.

Since the commissioning of Berg’s overhauled pump, we have been informed by SunWater that they have had zero issues with the pump and are very happy with Berg’s work. During the commissioning of the pump it was noted that there was almost zero vibrations and the pump operating noise was barely audible.

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