BERG Boosts Production Capacity

It’s been decades since Berg Engineering invested in the company’s first CNC machine and it opened up new possibilities for the company, today Berg continues to invest in CNC machines and is taking advantage of the benefits that CNC machining offers.

Berg is expanding its manufacturing versatility and capacity with the recent purchase of two new CNC machines: Mazak Quick Turn 350mb and SMEC SL4500AX.

The machines enable growth and diversification with additional CNC  turning services, and will support the growing demand for precision machining of high-performance superalloys and other specialty materials commonly used in aerospace, defence, energy, and shipbuilding applications. 

“The new machines expand our capacity & capability to support the growing demand and complexity of industry. It’s no secret that CNC machine tools increase productivity and repeatability for machine shops. However, by automating manual operations we are not only able to increase the complexity of items, increases in repeatable accuracy, and efficiency gains of up to 300 per cent can be achieved. All while reducing waste, rework and manufacturing costs”.

The new machines boast impressive technical specifications, automatic tool changers, automatic bar feeders, and diverse high-speed machining capabilities, including milling and turning in a single operation.

These advanced features bolster the Company’s vertical integration, providing customers with a single-source supplier for all of their high-precision and large-scale CNC machining needs.

The two new machines represent a significant step forward in the business’s five-year strategic plan and will ensure Berg Engineering is well placed to capture more international business, adding to its existing customer base in Indonesia, New Caledonia, Philippines, and Fiji. 

The Made in Queensland grant  has helped secure the two new machines that will position the business to capture more overseas customers and add eight new jobs over the next five years. 

Since 2017, the Made in Queensland grant program has supported 105 advanced manufacturing projects, these projects are anticipated to create and support 7,445 jobs over five years and generate more than $140 million in private sector investment.

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