Asset Management Lifecycle

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The decision to acquire a new asset requires an informed and proactive approach to investment.


It is critical that any new asset is engineered to realise its full return on investment.


Procurement needs to be carefully managed to ensure quality and delivery requirements are met.


An asset must be manufactured in accordance with engineering design specifications to ensure productivity demands can be achieved.


Correct installation is critical if an asset is to realise its full return on investment.


Timely preventative/predictive/conditional maintenance is important to ensure minimum downtime.


At the end of the lifecycle, an asset needs to be disposed of accordingly, whilst provisioning for the replacement of a new asset.


We draw on more than 45 years’ heavy engineering experience to deliver customer-driven innovations, performance improvements and asset efficiencies and reliability to support our customers’ return on investment.

Design and development is critical in ensuring customers realise an asset’s full benefit, return on investment, and meets the safety and operating condition requirements. Berg engineers complete assets and components, keeping in mind the customer’s ultimate aim of ensuring a solid return on investment.

We are flexible, nimble, and highly-responsive to our customer’s needs because we know no one project is the same.

We have re-engineered and/or upgraded materials in the past, which has resulted in the delivery of more than double the life on high wear components and improved reliability for our clients.

We offer the following services that satisfy relevant international codes and standards:

  • Drawing and modelling
  • Material and design specifications
  • Design criteria
  • Documentation
  • Project plans and timelines
  • Collaboration with experts and consultants.