Asset Management Lifecycle

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The decision to acquire a new asset requires an informed and proactive approach to investment.


It is critical that any new asset is engineered to realise its full return on investment.


Procurement needs to be carefully managed to ensure quality and delivery requirements are met.


An asset must be manufactured in accordance with engineering design specifications to ensure productivity demands can be achieved.


Correct installation is critical if an asset is to realise its full return on investment.


Timely preventative/predictive/conditional maintenance is important to ensure minimum downtime.


At the end of the lifecycle, an asset needs to be disposed of accordingly, whilst provisioning for the replacement of a new asset.


Berg has the specialist skills and experience required to correctly commission or install an asset to maximising its performance, lifespan, and to ensure there is no breach to warranty conditions.

Commissioning, or the installation of an asset, requires specialist skills and experience to ensure the asset remains compliant with its specifications and, importantly, its warranty conditions (which are activated upon installation of the asset).

We have extensive experience successfully commissioning assets with precision for our clients.

Berg offers onsite support, supervision, and site assistance during this critical phase of the lifecycle, with staff qualified in asset start-up and access to additional skills or support from an established international network of qualified personnel, depending on the size and location of the commissioning.

We also offer the following services to maximise our clients’ investment and deliver piece-of-mind:

  • Asset commissioning and onsite installation
  • Warranty support
  • Access to international resources
  • Remote technical support.

As well as:

  • Onsite support
  • Supervision
  • Site assistance.