The Internet of Things at an Industrial Scale


While predictive maintenance has been around for a while, the convergence of digital, coupled with big data, means a new frontier in advanced maintenance is taking place.


This is evidenced by big software makers getting into the act. Last week Software AG announced its predictive maintenance Digital Business Platform. Two weeks before that Nexcom announced its hardware/software package.

While all these vendors have a part to play, the real story of predictive maintenance is the ability to share data, via the cloud, with unending advantages. Having all of the data in one central location, available to the human experts and the number-crunching analytical software facilitates the ability to predict equipment failure very early. This reduces downtime and boost productivity, the main advantage of predictive maintenance.

However this is just the start. It has been predicted that in the near-future, this convergence will lead to a point where the assets themselves will be able to generate and transmit their own data. This will lead to a truly 21st century industrial Internet of Things.