Gladstone Operations celebrate three years LTI free


September 12, 2015 marked three years of LTI (lost time injury) free at the Berg Gladstone facility. This industry recognised milestone celebrates Berg’s strong focus on safety.

In an engineering environment dominated by utilisation of plant/tools with operators highest and daily risks being hand and eye injuries, this is by no means a small feat; it is an achievement well worth the praises.

Berg Engineering is a business that seeks asset optimisation, from the beginning of the lifecycle to the end, or any step in between – unlocking potential and achieving exceptional cost savings, while ensuring the highest possible safety standards – our standards are high and we intend on keeping it that way.

The industry milestone is to be celebrated but we do so while remaining vigilant. Enhancements to management systems, foresight, planning, and most of all employee awareness of, and active participation in safety regimes require continuous improvements and management.

We would like to praise our Gladstone Safety Coordinator, Jeanette, for implementing and monitoring our safety systems, and thank you to Matt our Gladstone Workshop Manager and his team for engaging the process and developing a strong safety culture. Most importantly, special thanks to all production staff for embracing safety first and foremost and looking out for one another. Congratulations!